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Beliefs and Values

Since the nature of our service is very personal and sometimes involves the exchange of private information, all employees, volunteers, clients and learners are asked to respect the importance of confidentiality. All efforts of this agency emphasize the utmost mutual respect for the confidential nature of all personal information.

Our organization respects the need to maintain confidential medical and health information concerning all employees, volunteers, clients and learners unless it is directly pertinent to an individual’s ability to teach or learn. This agency will ask for medical information from employees, volunteers, clients and learners only if it is directly related to the performance of their duties with this organization.

Disclosure of Information
The Timmins Learning Centre (TLC) respects the privacy of our members, employees, volunteers, clients, learners, donors, sponsors and stakeholders. We are committed to ensuring that appropriate measures and safeguards are in place to protect specific information that is held for the purpose of the program. We adhere to all legislative requirements with respect to privacy. We do not rent, sell or trade mailing lists.

Our agency seeks to represent the diversity of the community we serve. We will make special outreach efforts to extend our service to all cultural groups within our community, keeping within our mandate. All our promotion and communications will present a balanced view of racial and cultural minorities, avoiding negative stereotypes about literacy. Our agency promotes equal access to literacy services and to volunteer opportunities. We respect the unique background of each individual.

We are an equal opportunity agency.

Inclusion of People with Disabilities
Wherever possible, our agency seeks to offer services and opportunities to employees, volunteers, clients and learners regardless of their physical abilities. Within our organizational resources, our agency will make every attempt to provide appropriate accommodations so that participation in our programs will not be restricted by physical limitations.
As a learner-centred agency, we recognize a wide variety of learning styles and learning disabilities. Wherever possible, we will work collaboratively with other community agencies to serve or refer individuals with special needs.

While our agency seeks to assist in the literacy development of adults in our community, we are limited in our mandate and resources. We reserve the right to refer certain individuals with special needs if we feel we do not have the equipment, resources or expertise to adequately serve that person.

We welcome volunteers with disabilities. All efforts, within our organizational resources, will be made to accommodate volunteers who have special needs, provided they meet the requirements for that position.

Philosophy of Involvement
We believe that volunteers are essential to the delivery of individualized, caring, flexible literacy training to the adults in our community. Without our volunteers, we would be unable to offer the personal service that many adult learners require.
The unique expertise of volunteers links us with the community at large. We seek volunteers to represent the diversity of our community, to bring new ideas and service approaches to our agency and to provide vision and objective decision-making in both administration and direct service to our learners.

Volunteers are our primary resource. Meeting their needs is a priority, second only to our mission to serve our learners.

Service at the Discretion of the Agency
Our agency makes every effort to provide equitable access and to find suitable learning environments for clients who seek to become learners. If, at any time during the relationship, we have any reason to believe that the learner’s training goals might not be best served with us, we reserve the right to refuse to offer service. Wherever possible we will make documented attempts to refer the individual to a more appropriate agency.

Workplace Violence and Harassment
The TLC promotes a violence and harassment-free workplace where people respect one another and work cooperatively to achieve common goals. Acts of violence and harassment destroy individual dignity, lower morale, engender fear, and break down work cohesiveness. Abuse in any form erodes the mutual trust and confidence that are essential to the TLC’s operational effectiveness. The TLC is committed to providing a work environment that is free from violence, threats, harassment or bullying to:

  • Employees
  • Volunteers
  • Clients and learners who use our services