Customer Complaint and Resolution Process

The Timmins Learning Centre (TLC) values its customers. If you have concerns or complaints about our programs or services, we want to know about them.

Our customer complaint procedures are visible and accessible. They are openly posted in our office, in our policy manual, and are available upon request from any TLC employee.

Customer complaints must be submitted in writing either in person or via email, fax, or mail. Written complaints should include date of complaint and description or nature of the issue.

All complaints will be handled in confidence. They will be handled by our Executive Director who can be reached in person at our office, by telephone (705) 268-8900, by fax (705) 268-4870, or by email at

All customer complaints will be recorded in writing by our Executive Director and kept in a confidential file in a locked desk or filing cabinet, or kept in a confidential electronic file. This record will include the information on the complaint and how it was resolved. No other employees or volunteers at the TLC will be able to view the contents of this file.

Your complaint will be acknowledged and our Executive Director will follow up with you within three business days to discuss your complaint and try to resolve it.

If you are not happy with how the Executive Director dealt with your complaint, you can talk to the Chairperson of our agency’s Board of Directors. At your request, the Executive Director will forward your complaint to the Board Chairperson. Our Board Chairperson will get back to you within 10 business days.

In order to continually improve our services, the Executive Director and our Board of Directors will review annually an anonymous summary of all complaints received to determine if overall changes need to be made to our agency’s operations.